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About the project

Project name: Comprehensive adaptation of forests and forestry to climate change – prevention, counteracting and reduction of the effects of threats related to forest fires

Planned investment period: 2016-2021

The Beneficiary: the State Forests National Forest Holding

The main objective of the project is to reduce the adverse impact of forest fires and efficiently locate the source of hazard, thereby minimising losses and, in a longer perspective, reducing the average surface area of ​​the fires, as well as expanding the area of forest that can be monitored, especially in forest districts qualified as a category 1 fire hazard.

Complementary objectives:

  • extension of forest area that can be monitored,
  • quicker and more precise determination of the location of an outbreak of fire,
  • more accurate forecasting of fire hazards based on meteorological data,
  • reduced time required by the State Forests units to reach any outbreak of fire.

The subsidy will be allocated for:

  • the development and modernisation of early warning and forecasting systems, including:
    • the construction and modernisation of fire observation posts (124 pcs.)
    • the purchase of modern equipment to locate and detect fires (170 pcs.)
    • the addition of equipment to alarm and command points (Punkt Alarmowo-Dyspozycyjny – PAD) (37 pcs.)
    • the construction of meteorological stations (12 pcs.)
  • technical support for rescue and firefighting systems in the case of an outbreak of forest fire, including:
    • the purchase of patrol and firefighting vehicles (67 pcs.)

The value of the project

The total planned cost of the project is 78 894 108.59 PLN

The maximum amount of eligible expenditure is 56 500 000.00 PLN

The maximum amount of co-financing from European funds is 48 025 000.00 PLN


Promotional folder about the project / cover with a map