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About the project

Project name: Comprehensive adaptation of forests and forestry to climate changes – small retention and prevention of water erosion in mountain areas

Planned implementation period: 2016-2022

The beneficiary: the National Forest Holding of the State Forests

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the resilience against the threats of climatic changes in mountain forest ecosystems. The undertaken activities will focus on preventing or minimising the negative effects of natural phenomena such as the destructive effects of rising water levels, floods, drought and fires.

The main objective of the project will be achieved by the implementation of comprehensive measures to protect forests from key threats posed by climate change. This will include the development of small retention systems and the prevention of excessive water erosion in mountain areas.

Complementary objectives:

  • restoring valuable natural ecosystems and thus exerting a positive impact on the protection of biodiversity;
  • assessment of the environmental impact of the performed tasks, carried out by conducting post-completion monitoring of selected adaptation works. Monitoring will also include the continuation of the monitoring carried out within the framework of the small mountain retention project implemented under Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013, which will provide valuable data over a long-term perspective.

The forest districts involved in the project will implement investments related to:

  • the construction or conversion of small retention reservoirs and dry reservoirs;
  • the construction or conversion of small water-impounding facilities (dams, small barrages, damming devices) on canals and ditches to slow down surface water run-off, restore wetland functions, protect them, and restore floodplains;
  • the conversion and demolition of hydro-technical facilities unsuitable for flood waters (bridges, culverts, fords);
  • the anti-erosion development of roads, trails, logging trails and the protection of forest infrastructure against the effects of excessive water erosion associated with violent precipitation and run-off (e.g. waterbars, wooden hurdles, cribs, stone riprap).

The project utilises comprehensive measures combining both environmentally friendly and technical methods. Mostly small facilities/buildings of simple construction are planned. The selected technologies are intended not to deteriorate the natural environment; natural materials are preferred.

The direct effect of the project will be the retention of 400 000 m³ of water.

The value of the project

The total planned cost of the project is 206 652 000.00 PLN

The maximum amount of eligible expenditure is 150 000 000.00 PLN

The maximum amount of co-financing from European funds is 127 500 000.00 PLN


Promotional folder about the project / cover with a map